About Chapter 444

Air Force Sergeants Association Chapter 444 is headquartered in Montgomery, AL. Our aim is to support all U.S. Military and their families - active duty, guard/reserve, veterans, and retired. We are part of the second division of AFSA international.

We also support AFSA international in their efforts to protect the benefits of U.S. Military and their families. Every year budget cuts to Military benefits are proposed. In 2015 congress attempted to cut the pay of married Military to Military couples by anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000 per year by denying one spouse their entire BAH pay. AFSA International played an important part in preventing the proposal from becoming reality, and will continue to work hard to prevent these kinds of poorly conceived legislative proposals in the future. To do this, we need YOUR support.

The easiest (and most important) way to do this is use the resources you find on our Legislation page to stay informed about what is going on in Capitol Hill and let your representatives know your opinion. You can also support AFSA international's lobbying work by becoming a member on the Membership page.

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